Русский гид в Ваддуве Rangika Silva

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Опыт работы с 2007 года

гид-экскурсовод, личный водитель, переводчик, фотограф, организатор свадеб, специалист по медицинскому туризму, шоппинг-консультант, консультант по недвижимости

Welcome for unforgettable vacation and expiriancble tours with Rangi Tours.working as national tour guide lacture since 2009,you may know me as Rangi or Rangika Madugeeth Silva. Live in wadduwa and Bentota.i love Russian people,so my life is running under my Russian language, making beautifully Excursion and Tours for you. actually arrangment with sea foods and sri lankan arrack red rum small enjoy party for all my Russian friends.i know you love tea, water falls, elephants,fishing on the ocean or river going on Boat safari so many lovely things and Palace i should not explain my tours or Excursion.i think you know already after read this one, what am i doing hier, so fly safe and joing with me.don't forget bring some bottles of Vodka for enjoy your vacation.davai davai.Uvidimsya.


Wadduwa central collage G.C.E O/L and A/L.Tourist board National tourguide lecture license ENGLISH, RUSSIAN and GERMAN languages. propetional for swimming, volleyball, cricket.

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