Русский гид в Санкт-Петербурге Sergey Ivanov

Россия Россия Опыт работы с 2013 года


Специализации:гид-экскурсовод, личный водитель, переводчик, шоппинг-консультант, консультант по недвижимости

О себе:


I'm not working on a boring template!

I work individually and take into account everyone's wishes.

We do not need to adhere to a strict timetable, only if the ship does not leave or the museum is closed.

I am free for you 365 days a year day and night.

I do not like to overpay myself and always try to save money

My clients. I do not have a bad mood!

I know the most delicious, fun and interesting and safe places in the city!

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