Гид-экскурсовод в Екатеринбурге Ольга Кучинская

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Опыт работы с 2016 года

гид-экскурсовод, переводчик, фотограф

There a lot of different aspects of Ekaterinburg that I can show and tell you. Moreover, Urals is rich not only in tales, but also in gems and precious stones.
Hi! I'm Olga! I love the history, amazing atmosphere of Ekaterinburg and nature of the Urals and I'll be happy to share my knowledge and impression with you.


I studied Psychology, History and English at the Ural State Pedagogical University and Ural Federal University

Любимые книги:

I like books about adventures in historical background. The last book I read was called Tobol by Alexey Ivanov

Любимая музыка:

I love different types of music, especially alive music, luckily there are a lot of places in Ekaterinburg where I can listen to music


I love learning more about different towns and cities, walking there and reading about a place, also I love riding a bike

Отношение к курению:

I don't smoke

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