Русский гид в Moscowе Elena Medvedeva

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Опыт работы с 2010 года

гид-экскурсовод, личный водитель, переводчик, фотограф, шоппинг-консультант, консультант по недвижимости

Dear guests! My name is Elena Medvedeva, and I will be happy to welcome you as your professional guide in Moscow. I will accompany you through Moscow, assisting in getting familiar with this wonderful city. I will be driver and guide.

I would introduce you all magnificence of this city from the car. Has my own excursion programs in every sphere of city life. (sight-seeing, nightlife, city of luxury, fashion in the city, restaurant guide).

Few words about me:

I graduated from Moscow State University of The International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, international economics expert with language qualification. It's my second education. I graduated 6 years ago from another state russian university, and specialist of accounting, analysis and audit as well.... so as you see, I am an economist. But besides working in finance department i worked as a tour manager in tour-operating company. I also love to travel and discover new places. I teach russian for

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