Русский гид в Дилижане Nour Kharboutli

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Опыт работы с 2006 года

личный водитель, переводчик, консультант по недвижимости

I am a Driver-Guide . My private Tours of Armenia are intended, not only to be interesting, but fun, aiming to give you a holiday with many lasting memories and, who knows, to bring you back again to my lovely country.

I have been a licensed driver since 2001 and I started driving with tourists since 2006 and I love my job as I meet many wonderful people who come to visit my lovely country! I speak English, Russian, Armenian, Arabic and understand German.

I would be more than happy to act as your guide, driving you in my own vehicle, a Hyundai H-1 (11 seater). I also have a sedan Hyundai Dynasty a luxury car for 1 or 2 persons.,0

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