Русский гид в Москве Ekaterina Oleshko

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Опыт работы с 2012 года

гид-экскурсовод, переводчик, фотограф


For everybody who is going to visit one of the most beautiful city in the world!

You will certainly more enjoy your visiting with wonderful companion! Who knows Moscow from different sides. Your trip will be brighter with exciting sightseeing and adorable stories about the city. You can feel Moscow, it's character, soul...this ancient city can become your friend, or more:)) if you want so;)

Kate Oleshko is a wonderful friendly tour Gide with solid background

For many years she develops herself, her knowladges and experience

Her tours differ from others with individual approach for everybody. She will help to choose the route wich will exactly fits to you and make your journey comfortable and unforgettable

She knows many extraordinary things

So with Kate your tour in Moscow will be bright, unforgettable and filled

Let's open Moscow!

From which side it will open to YOU?

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