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Day1. Amberd fortress, Stone Lake and start hiking the southern peak of Aragats mountain (4000m). Duration 7 hours, Cross and Armenian alphabet Monuments, Saghmosavank-monastery of Psalms, nice view of Kasakh gorge. Overnight at hotel in Yerevan.

Day2. Drive north to a stunning Lori region, walking in Dendropark, a biggest park of thousands trees and flowers, near the village Gyulagarak. Hiking to reach exciting Hnevank monastery. Overnight at hotel in Stepanavan.

Day3. We continue our trip to sleepy Alaverdi, once an industrial town and rise to our next destinations-Sanahin, Haghpat and Akhtala monasteries listed in UNESCO Worldwide Heritage. Hiking to Kayan fortress. Overnight at Laguna hotel in Vanadzor.

Day4. Drive north east to start an unforgettable hiking to reach the magic waterfall and the cave situated on Lastiver Desert near Ijevan. Visit an old Shamamberyan street in Dilijan to experience as it was in 19th century and observe the weaving of carpets by local women at Showroom. Overnight at Dghyak Pansion in Dilijan.

Day5. Continue our journey through Dilijan National Park, a protected area renowned for its serene lakes, picturesque hill trails and peaceful villages. Hiking to Cristall Lake on the slope of the mountain. Visit Goshavank and Haghartsin, fairy-tale monasteries set amidst flower-filled meadows. We reach Lake Sevan, the Pearl of Armenia. Enjoy the scenery, take a 20-minute walk of Akhtamar Trail. Back to Yerevan

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