The well of the Mausoleum of Ukash-Ata

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The well of the Mausoleum of Ukash-Ata has located 55 km to the north-east from the city of Turkestan. The height of the mausoleum is 4 meters, width is 4.6 meters. Legend has it that Ukash-Ata was a disciple of the Prophet Muhammad, who carried the Islamic religion to these parts. This man was a brave warrior, who did not know any defeat in the battles. His numerous enemies bribed somehow the wife of this hero, and she eventually managed to find out from her husband when he was the most vulnerable. "During the morning prayer to the Almighty, I completely withdraw into myself ..." - answered her Ukshash-Ata. Soon the brave warrior perished during the next morning prayer, the enemies, stealthily crept behind him, chopped off his head with his own sword lying next to the Praying Head Batyr, as assured, rolled right through the nearby hill and fell into the well, from which instantly fell into Mecca to the Prophet Muhammad, who thus learned about the death of the best of his disciples. Inside the mausoleum, there is a clay sarcophagus 21 meters long, the blood from the decapitated body leaked out exactly so much and it was covered with this sarcophagus completely.

Mazar Ukash-ata was repeatedly rebuilt. And in 1986 it was demolished after the tragedy that happened here. Near the mazar is a deep natural well, a kind of fault in the rock, at the bottom of which runs a stream. The legend says that the water appeared at the time of the death of Ukash-Ata and has special healing properties. The Sacred Well excavated in the seventh century, which according to legend rolled off the severed head of Ukash-Ata, represented a narrow stone tunnel, which was laid down by stones to a depth of thirty meters under a small slope. This well could hardly contain the usual galvanized bucket. What was a water-bearing horizon inside it remained a mystery, for the Highest water did not give everyone from this well! It is necessary to take a rope from the shyapakshi with a bucket, lower it down and lift it back. It was believed that by the amount of water Allah has poured (a full bucket or a quarter empty) it was possible to judge how your whole life will develop. Sinful, drunk who comes to the well gets a bucket of red water, which means blood and sorrow. And if a pebble gets into the bucket, it is believed that this man, the Almighty, will eventually give some rare talent of a healer or a visionary, musician or writer. The total land area is 90 hectares.

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