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Adjara is the southernmost coastline region of Georgia. It is washed by the Black Sea from the west, and borders with Turkey Autonomous Republic of Adjara


Coat of arms

Capital Batumi

Official language Georgian

Ethnic groups (2002) 93.4% Georgians

2.4% Russians

2.3% Armenians

0.6% Greeks

0.4% Abkhazians

0.2% Ukrainians

0.2% others

Autonomous republic

- Part of unified - Georgian Kingdom

9th century

- Conquered by - Ottoman Empire 1614

- Ceded to Russian Empire 1878

- Adjar ASSR 1921

- Autonomous republic of Georgia 1991


- Total 2,900 km2 1,120 sq mi

in the south. Adjara, today bordering by Turkey, was occupied by Turks, and then returned to Georgia 300 years later. The autonomous Republic of Adjara is one of the most beautiful parts of Georgia. The health giving qualities of this combination of sea and mountain air is renowned and one reason why some of Georgia can boast twice the world average of centenarians.

Major city of Adjara, Batumi is one of the most amazing towns in Georgia. It was built at the end of the 19th and in the beginning of the 20th centuries in a grand, elegant style as a resort for the Russian emperors. The architecture of Batumi is particularly refined. This compact white city has a unique charm. Batumi is a city, which easily makes visitors, falls in love with it. Lots of palm trees, exotic flowers you can find there. Batumi Boulevard, the main promenade with fountains and cafes, attracts numerous holidaymakers with its greenery and central location. Batumi is a major port and resort city. In Ajdara there are nearby beach resorts such as kobuleti, Sarpi, kvariati, and so on.

The Botanical Garden, near Batumi, has unique combination of plants from totally different climatic zones. There you can find 1200 types of rose and white magnolias and 5000 different plant species brought from all over the world.

Gonio Fortress connected with I century AD, located in Gonio near Batumi, it was once a large Roman-Byzantine military settlement and an important strategic point along the Black Sea coast. It is representing the most valuable monument of Adjaran history. Besides, it’s connected with the myth of the Argonauts and the Golden Fleece, and also it is here that one of the most significant Christian sanctities has been found – the grave of St. Mathias. It is well-known that he was elected the twelfth apostle instead of Judas Iscariot. According to the historic sources he spent last years of his life in Adjara and was buried here.

The local polyphonic songs are considered masterpieces by some of the world's top musicians and composers. Songs and dances are annually performed at folk festivals. As for the Adjarian meals. it should certainly be tasted, as they are one of the most unique and delicious. Adjarian Khachapuri with baked eggs and cheese, and Achma, a delightful layered cheese pie.

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