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welcome to ROME guest! Do you want to spend an unforgettable holiday in the eternal city? Here we go...our work is to provide you all you may need to make this wish come true. Our staff is composed of qualified tour leaders, guides, interpreters who adore Rome. So we will definitely show you how to take out the best from Rome.

2nd point: ROME AND BEAUTIES you probably have heard that Rome is one the most cities of the world. Ancient buildings, wonderful churches, splendid fountains, monuments all around -make of Rome the museum on open air. All by yourself you'll never make it. It's impossible to appreciate Rome just walking and reading the guidebook meanwhile. So you need somebody who will pay attention to its beauties telling you the most outstanding facts. This is why the tour guide is the most important professional figure.

3rd point: TOUR PLAN you don't have any idea how to start your escursion? No problem. We will take care of it. We organize individual and group tours to the museums, to the archeological sites, walks around the city and many other activities. The great advantage of our service is that we make it all according to you. You tell us all your wishes, your timetable and your , and we build a

excursion for you and your family.

4th point: ART AND HISTORY...BUT NOT ONLY italy isn't famous just because of art and historical heritage. It is also the country of good food and

great wine. The italian lifestyle, better known as “the sweet life” is probably the biggest attraction for the modern tourist. We will give you the chance to experience it your own way. FOOD TOURS are something that will make you fall in love with this culture. And maybe it will be the reason to come back again, and keep on exploring.

5th point: LAST BUT NOT LEAST High quality and best prices- these are two pillars of our success. In the big ocean of the touristic offers you may get lost: it's not easy to find good things for good price. But we are serious about it, and we always deliver what we promise. Caring for each person, being on time, being passionate about our job. These are the things that make a difference. You can rely on us, and you will be totally satisfied.

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