Экскурсия в Cape Mayе: Cape May Beach Vacation

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Cape May is located in New Jersey, USA

It is one of my favorite spots for the summer on the East Coast. Last time I've been to Cape May I got a chance to fish, swim in the ocean, get some pretty cool looking tan and of course stop by a roller-coaster park in the next town over. That roller coaster park is located in Wildwood, NJ - another great spot for a family vacation. A lot of work and travel students work in Wildwood. There are a lot of Russians. You should check it out. I like it better than AC -Atlantic city. Atlantic City is more of a vacation for singles and may be bachelorette parties. They have casinos, strip clubs, night clubs. There is a lot of drinking and gambling involved. I am not a fan of that. Cape May provides you with neat family restaurants, friendly neighbors, and private beaches. It is quiet and peaceful down there. I enjoy fishing, but haven't really caught much. On the picture attached to this post you can see a lot of crabs - it is their baby making period hehe. Although in their search for their mate they go too far into the beach and some die due to inability to get back in water.


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