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**Day 1:**

City tour of Yerevan and overnight in Yerevan.

**Day 2:**

Drive to the Armenian monastery Khor Virap near the border of Turkey and enjoy a nice view of legendary mountain Ararat. Areni wine festival and visit of Noravank monastery. Overnight in Hermon.

**Day 3:**

Hike Tsakhats Kar monastery and Smbataberd fortress (duration 7 hours), jewish cemetery in Yeghegis. Overnight in Hermon.

**Day 4:**

Drive south, visit Karahunj (an Armenian Stonehenge), Tatev aerial tramway and monastery, Devil’s bridge. Overnight in Goris.

**Day 5:**

Hike Khndzoresk, bazilic monastery and the shivering bridge, drive north, lake Sevan, Noratus cross-stones cemetery and Sevan monastery. Overnight in Blue Sevan.

**Day 6:**

Visit of Dilijan, Haghartsin and Goshavank monasteries, hike to Cristall lake.

Overnight in Odzun farmhouse.

**Day 7:**

Visit of Sanahin and Haghpat monasteries (listed in UNESCO’s worldwide heritage) and bakery in Aparan. Overnight in Byurakan.

**Day 8:**

Hike 4000m mountain Aragat (southern peak, duration 5 hours). Visit of Amberd fortress, St. Sion monastery in Saghmosavank, gorgeous view of Kasakh. Overnight in Yerevan.

**Day 9:**

Visit of Geghard Spear monastery, Garni pagan temple and hike Havuts Tar. Overnight in Yerevan

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