Экскурсия в Makhachkalaе: Old town

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Welcome to Daghestan, to the most southern part of Russia! We are glad to meet you and ready to help you in acquaintance to the republic as a whole and first of all to its capital, Makhachkala.

It` s a great mistake to think that history lives only in ancient cities, which are many-many years old and there is nothing to show and tell about small and young towns. In spite of its youth Makhachkala keeps the great number of incredible stories about people who used to live here or live now, about different events, which once took place in Daghestan capital. I invite you to go for a walk across old Makhachkala streets and parks at the seaside. I will show you buildings which are of the same age as the town itself, national theatres and many-many other interesting things. I want you to feel Makhachkala way of living, its traditions, habits and peculiarities. Our tour “Old Makhachkala” is the best opportunity to understand how the town at the seaside lives, how its people begin their day from the beach in spite of season and weather. Join us.

автор: гид Яна Мартиросова

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